Mixed-use commercial space. Community centers, farm-to-table restaurants  and energy startups. The wealth of new businesses downtown. Details, a men’s style magazine, highlighted the Pittsburgh area as one of the catalysts in what it calls a “Rust Belt Revival.”

As the magazine noted, Pittsburgh’s economic stability and affordable cost of living has given rise to new ventures that allow the city’s artists, chefs, designers and entrepreneurs to express themselves and share their talents like never before.

EDGE Studio, Waffle Shop, and Grow Pittsburgh are all cited as examples of people leveraging the region’s industrial strength and educated workforce to shape and reinvent a new city. With a nod to Pittsburgh’s East Liberty neighborhood, we are reminded that even Google, with a regional office in the former Nabisco plant, started as a university-based project.

Renewable energy and new business development are the focus in Braddock, with award-winning green business Fossil Free Fuel. In Glenshaw, a newer, more sustainable building material has emerged from TAKTL. Started in 2010, the company says it “balances the rich industrial history of this region with the most sophisticated technology and innovation available today.”

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