Earlier this year, Pittsburgh and the larger Ohio River Valley captured the attention of California-based Global Trade magazine and its Senior Editor Warren Strugatch. On his mind was the revival of America’s original industrial cities – places like Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Evansville. To understand why Pittsburgh and other Ohio River sister cities are “at the center of a resurgent and diversified industrial expansion” that is reaching far beyond the Ohio River, Strugatch contacted the Pittsburgh Regional Alliance. He was looking to explore the why and how of what’s happening along one of America’s most beautiful rivers. His investigations revealed an answer – one that’s grounded in what he calls a “new globalism and an export ethos.”

Detail from Global Trade magazine article

You can read more about these cities’ – their pasts and presents – as well as their futures in the global market in the article “From Rust Belt to Exporting Giant.” Pittsburgh is called out in the article for being first – among its river city sisters – in economic development “wins” related to corporate facility growth. And 30-something boomeranger Lucas Piatt, executive VP at Millcraft Industries – a company with roots in steel, but now a vibrant redeveloper of industrial and other space – is featured. Read what he has to say about Pittsburgh’s “hustle and bustle.” He says Pittsburgh has it, and more, for those who crave “the excitement of living in a place like New York or Boston.”

Well said, we say. Best of all, those who chose Pittsburgh can bank on much more bang for their urban living bucks. The views of the Ohio (and our two other signature rivers) – all that you want – are free. Consider them your “welcome to” (or welcome back) gift from Pittsburgh.