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Did you know that there are more than 20,000 jobs open right now across the 10-county Pittsburgh region? You can find them on the powerful job search engine of, which scrapes thousands of corporate websites and search engines nightly to help you advance your career in Pittsburgh.

Senior or Associate Scientist at Bayer, Robinson Township

Network Administrator at MARC USA, Station Square

Production Workers at ATI Allegheny Ludlum, Vandergrift (Westmoreland County)

Full-time Nursing Faculty at Duquesne University, Uptown

Accounts Payable Analyst at Peoples Natural Gas, North Shore

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In an effort to curb the January blues and encourage folks to venture out post-holiday spending extravaganzas, the concept of promoting a region’s independent restaurants during otherwise slow periods has caught on like wildfire throughout the United States– and Pittsburgh is no exception.

RotatorResturantWeekPittsburgh Restaurant Week highlights 40 restaurants throughout the region that offer discount prices on meals through this Sunday, Jan. 19. It’s a great opportunity to try places that you haven’t yet been to, or couldn’t normally afford. Monday night we decided to dine at Paris 66. There is something so indulging, decadent and fancy about French food that we never think of it as an option during a typical weekend.

Walking into the cozy space on Center Avenue in East Liberty, I was immediately transported to Paris. Everyone spoke French. Our waiter was an apprentice sommelier from a tiny French town, and diners on the back patio were from France and Francophone Canada. It was nice experience to have in Pittsburgh. For an appetizer, they served Oeufs Meurettes — two poached eggs in a red wine reduction sauce with mushrooms. It was delicious diversion from the typical French starter of escargots. For our entrée they served Magret de Canard aux Chanterelles, Pommes Salardaises — sliced duck breast in a brown mushroom sauce with roasted potatoes. It was lovely and the mushroom sauce was a welcome extension from the mushrooms in the appetizer. Dessert was Galette des Rois — King Cake. It is a flakey flat cake, almost like a kringle, smothered in almond paste which is served at the Epiphany on January 6. Typically a fava bean is cooked somewhere within the cake and whoever is served the piece will have good luck in the upcoming year.

Pittsburgh Restaurant Week is organized by Pittsburgh TasteBuds, which is dedicated to discovering and promoting the best of the Pittsburgh dining landscape through their signature wine dinners, Restaurant Week and blog reviews.

Bonnie Pfister
Nuno Ferreira moved to the Pittsburgh region in 2013, as has quickly made friends and gotten involved with the community.
Nuno Ferreira moved to the Pittsburgh region in 2013, as has quickly made friends and gotten involved with the community.

Still believe that tired old cliché that nothing gets made in Pittsburgh anymore, and no one wants to move here? Think again. We could, of course, point to dozens of demographic studies and news articles to the contrary, but take a human case in point, Nuno Ferreira.

An application engineer from Lisbon, Ferreira has wisely hitched his wagon to Jeannette-based Elliott Group, a fast-growing supplier/servicer of turbo-machinery used in the energy industry. One hundred years old this year, Elliott Group recently redesigned its headquarters into an appealing, open space that’s home to engineers, draftsmen, programmers and administrative workers. Ferreira leads a team that selects equipment for Elliott’s steam turbine-generators used worldwide to turn industrial biomass waste into energy.

He’s found the relocation across the Atlantic surprising easy, commuting to work from his home in Monroeville, seeming to make friends at every turn and digging into the community in many ways, including as a coach to a youth soccer team in Hempfield.

You can catch Ferreira Jan. 15, on WRCT 88.3 FM’s La Rumba Live, the radio program hosted by Cindy Fernandez. Both Ferreira and Fernandez are Neighbors at, a virtual concierge and branding solution that highlights work, play and live options in the 10-county region. There job seekers can search thousands of jobs gathered by’s powerful aggregator, sign up for updates about the region through our RRS feed , Facebook, Twitter or other social media channels and take the “Find Yourself in Pittsburgh!” quiz to be matched up with Neighbors who may share your interests and have tips on what’s fun and engaging to do in the region.

Bonnie Pfister

Pittsburgh’s got jobs — lots of them. There are tens of thousands of positions open today in the 10-county region on the job search engine, which aggregates — in one convenient place — career postings from thousands of corporate websites and search engines.

Here are just a few on offer right now:

Marketing Vice President at TeleTracking Technologies

Pipeline Specialist at EQT

Occupational Therapist at UPMC Passavant

Contracts Manager at Mitsubishi Electric Power Products Inc.

Professor of Music Therapy at Seton Hill University

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Now Hirng Group, AfAm M

Phil Cynar

This week the tech spotlight was on Las Vegas,  where the Consumer Electronics Show provided a sneak peek into the future, as new tech advances are unveiled.

Still, it’s forward-thinking to keep an eye aimed eastward – on Pittsburgh – where tech is a major driver of the region’s economy. With all the tech innovation – from places like Google and IBM and a spectrum of startups and more seasoned ventures that have a presence in our region – it will be no surprise to find the industry’s sun rising on the “next big thing” coming out of Pittsburgh.

CESRotatorCase in point: Duolingo, Apple’s choice for 2013’s free iPhone App of the Year. It hails from Pittsburgh where 34-year-old mega-tech entrepreneur Luis von Ahn and his team created the über-popular app (it’s had 10 million downloads) that combines free foreign language learning with the translation of the World Wide Web. It offers six languages — Spanish, French, German, Italian, English and Portuguese. It’s also available for Android. The app is game-like, using pictures, a smartphone’s microphone and video clips to help users learn words, recite them and write them out.

And while the honor of Apple’s App of the Year may be making von Ahn an even more of recognized name globally, it’s worth noting that he’s founder of the reCAPTCHA company, responsible for those ubiquitous, distorted text image codes used during web-based transactions. reCAPTCHA codes, simply put, stop spam while digitizing the texts of old books and newspapers. Lauched in Pittsburgh, the company was sold to Google in 2009.

Watch a video interview with Luis von Ahn to hear more from this MacArthur Genius Grant recipient about his achievements and the advantages of innovating in our region.

And because we’re no “one-tech-wonder” town, we offer the following as examples of some of the other big things on the tech scene that have come out of Pittsburgh. Many more like them are sure to be on the horizon.

  • 4moms – introduced personal robotics technology to the juvenile industry with innovative products including the mamaRoo® infant seat designed to move the way parents do and the origami® stroller, the world’s first power-folding stroller.
  • Jibbigo – state-of-the-art speech translation technology delivered to mobile device and tablets, built on two decades of the most advanced scientific research in speech and language processing. Translate speech or text into 20+ languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese and Chinese. A spinout of Carnegie Mellon University, Mobile Technologies was acquired by Facebook in 2013.
  • Bossa Nova Robotics – a developer of personal robots … “helpful” robots that make an emotional connection with consumers. Launched from Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Institute in 2005 and then focused on interactive play experiences for children, Bossa Nova Robotics has now broadened its portfolio to include personal robotics for the home.
  • Shoefitr – Using 3D scanning technology, Shoefitr’s software shows online shoppers how shoes will fit and recommends the best-fitting size – removing pain points associated with online shoe shopping for “runners, climbers, cyclists, skiers, curlers and fashionistas.”
  • YinzCam – Built by fans, for fans,” these mobile sports apps allow fans across the country to stay in touch with favorite s teams by providing real-time stats, multimedia, streaming radio, social media and much more. It has had more than seven million downloads. The company’s mobile-video technology is also being deployed within sports venues nationwide to allow fans to watch instant replays, live cameras (including the NFL RedZone channel) on smartphones, tablets or touchscreen computers.

The Pittsburgh region’s startups are creating new jobs all the time. Find a career you’ll love at

Phil Cynar

For a break from our frosty weather, check out the sweeping but crisp views of the Golden Triangle as seen from Mount Washington in November. They come to us courtesy of the Pittsburgh Gigapanorama Project.

Gigapanistas David Bear, Paul Heckbert and Rick Palmer
Gigapanistas David Bear, Paul Heckbert and Rick Palmer

Gigapans are panoramic images comprised of a billion (“giga”) or more pixels. A robotic mount on a digital camera shoots thousands of high-resolution pictures, which GigaPan Stitch Software knits together into a single, zoomable image with incredibly vivid detail. The technology was pioneered by researchers from NASA and Carnegie Mellon University and commercialized in 2008.

Other images at the site include a 360-degree sweep from the top of the U.S. Steel Tower (Pittsburgh’s tallest skyscraper with 62 stories), dozens of other local views,  and links to gigapan images of cities around the country and the world. Viewers may save snapshots of parts of the giga-image by clicking on the camera icon in the lower left corner of the screen.

From our little corner of the globe – Pittsburgh’s urban core and surrounding 10-county region – to yours, we wish you a happy and prosperous 2014. Whether you’re looking for a job, visiting friends or family or just seeking a great getaway, we hope that the Pittsburgh region will be on your radar this year.