Bonnie Pfister

Pittsburgh’s got jobs — plenty of them. There are 24,917 jobs open today in the 10-county region on the job search engine, a one-stop aggregator of career postings from thousands of corporate websites and search engines. It’s updated nightly.

Here are few positions on offer right now:

MEP Coordinator/Estimator at Mascaro Construction

Contracts Manager at RTI International 

Technical Services Engineer at Elliott Group

Health & Wellness Plan Manager at CONSOL Energy

Territory Sales Manager for MSA

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Bonnie Pfister
ImaginePittsburgh Neighbor Heidi Piatt with her resuce dogs Kennedy (left) and Colby.
ImaginePittsburgh Neighbor Heidi Piatt with her rescue dogs Kennedy (left) and Colby.

Many of us can’t stop complaining about the long winter, but for outdoors enthusiasts like Heidi Piatt, it’s just another opportunity for southwestern Pennsylvania to show off its seasonal bounty. You’re likely to find this Allison Park resident hitting the slopes at Seven Springs or Hidden Valley in Somerset County, hiking with her lab-mixes Kennedy and Colby in Fall Run Park in Shaler or even biking across a snowy North Park.

When she’s not outside, Piatt is a talent acquisition supervisor at EQT, the downtown-based natural gas production company that has hundreds of open jobs. She’s also helping to spread the word about as a tool that puts EQT in front of job seekers, and showcases the great LIVE, WORK and PLAY options of the 10-county region. You can check out her conversation with ImaginePittsburgh’s Meredith Fahey on WPXI-TV below.

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Phil Cynar
Downtown is alive outdoor concerts, festivals and other cultural events during the warm-weather months. / Photo: Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership
Downtown is alive with outdoor concerts, festivals and other cultural events during the warm-weather months. Photo Copyright Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership

What’s trending these days? Downtown Pittsburgh as a destination, not just for the daily grind, but for playing and living.
Just last week, the Pittsburgh Business Times reported that one of downtown’s newest properties, Millcraft Investments’ River Vue, is booked. For this former state office building turned luxury high-rise, 100 percent leased looks like 218 apartments, spanning 16 stories, all spoken for.

Dwelling downtown has increased in popularity as the region’s urban core has assumed a life after five. According to the 2013 State of Downtown Report, published by the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership, downtown Pittsburgh now has a population approaching 8,000 residents. Making their homes in River Vue and a spectrum of other places – many in similarly cool, converted spaces peppered with Pittsburgh history – downtown residents find convenience at their doorsteps, literally. Within walking distance from many downtown dwellings are the cafes and coffee houses of Market Square, miles of riverfront trails and Point State Park, a Cultural District overflowing with entertainment, shopping – both department store and boutique – and a grocery store is on the way. Work is often around the corner or just a short commute away by subway or bus. For some downtown dwellers, a car is not priority, and lack of one is no encumbrance.

Last summer, Millcraft offered a “win a month of rent-free living at River Vue” sweepstakes to help celebrate the launch of – the region’s virtual concierge for live, work and play opportunities around the 10-county Pittsburgh region.

While you can’t make River Vue your address of choice at the moment due to full occupancy, take a look at what it offers – some impressive downtown digs – which are common to plenty of residences in the urban core, many still with vacancies. Find out more about downtown Pittsburgh living options here.

Bonnie Pfister

Pittsburgh has jobs: 24,869 open positions in the 10-county region as of Feb. 25, as a matter of fact. And the right gig for you might not necessary be where you expect. There are IT jobs at banks, accountant positions at energy companies, and construction jobs at advertising firms — just to name a few. Check ‘em out:

Branch Manager at Dollar Bank in Washington County

Construction Installer Crewmember at Lamar Advertising

Export Control Compliance Manager at Carnegie Mellon University in Oakland

Staff Accountant at EQT in Downtown Pittsburgh

Content Development Intern at in Downtown Pittsburgh

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Brandon Mendoza

Pittsburgh’s innovation-led economic renaissance continues to capture the attention of influential news outlets. Recently there was Politico’s “What Works,” a year-long series focused on transformative technologies, polices and strategies that chose Pittsburgh for its debut article. This week the emerging-technologies blog GIGAOM made a splash with its story about Strip District-based Astrobotic and its lunar ambitions.


A spinout of Carnegie Mellon University, Astrobotic is capitalizing on the convergence of Pittsburgh’s robotics, tech and engineering acumen in its quest to become the first private company to land on the moon — perhaps as soon as 2015.  GIGAOM’s coverage teed up the Feb. 19 announcement  that Astrobotic was advancing to the “Accomplishment Round” of the Milestone Prizes offered by the Google Lunar XPRIZE. Of the five teams selected for this round, only Astrobotic and one other qualified for the full $1.75 million.

The Google Lunar XPRIZE is an international incentive based prize that “aims to do something humanity has never accomplished: the safe landing of a private craft on the surface of the moon.” The final prize is estimated to be in the $30 – $40 million range.

Astrobotic CEO John Thornton told GIGAOM that the XPRIZE will “drum up revenue and customers for Astrobotic.” In fact, the prize itself was the catalyst for the company to go into business.

“You can think of us as a FedEx or UPS service to the moon,” said Thornton.

Being the first private company to land on the moon might be “one small step” for Astrobotic, but it will be a giant step in opening up the potential of the moon to become Earth’s next continent and a place for interstellar commerce and tourism.

From Pittsburgh to the moon, à la Astrobotic!

You can read GIGAOM’s story on Astrobotic here.

Find a job, advance your career at

Phil Cynar

Want to join the audience for NBC’s fresh new Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon? Access comes by way of downtown Pittsburgh.

From the 13th floor of Centre City Tower, ShowClix can connect you with 30 Rockefeller Center. As the show’s new official ticketing partner, this tech-driven company is making a major FBShowClixdent in the market to connect event professionals with their customers and improving the event experience.

ShowClix was founded in Pittsburgh in 2007 as an online ticketing and live event search engine. From a one-room office with a couple of computers, the company has evolved into a full-service event ticketing system – one that captured the attention (not to mention the contract) of the long-running show now helmed by Fallon. (Fallon a self-professed Pittsburgh aficionado — check out his gushing over our ‘Burgh with actress Emma Watson of Harry Potter and Perks of Being a Wallflower fame.) And word on the street is that ShowClix is in the final stages of talks to also manage tickets for “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” debuting Feb. 24.

Pittsburgh may not be on the level of a tech Mecca like the Silicon Valley, but it’s a robust-and-growing East Coast tech hub, albeit one that’s a bit under-sung. Some 1,600 tech firms pepper the 10 counties of southwestern Pennsylvania known as the Pittsburgh region. And filling the talent pool are 36 regional colleges and universities – including one of the world’s bastions of technology, Carnegie Mellon University. Together they churn out talented IT grads at a clip of some 1,700 annually – a number second only to Boston.

Tech is hot in Pittsburgh and is bonding itself to other key industries in the region – advanced manufacturing, energy, financial and business service and healthcare and life sciences keen to keep their businesses current and competitive. For tech-talented job seekers, this means there are terrific opportunities here. Right now, on – the region’s career search engine and “virtual concierge” for finding your place in Pittsburgh – there are 5,000-plus open jobs all related to tech.

Regardless of the culture you’re seeking – corporate, startup, “maker” or other – if you’re a talented geek, you can pretty much write your ticket to a tech career and a life you’ll love in Pittsburgh.