Bonnie Pfister
Brandi Bentrim chose Pittsburgh over eastern PA.
Brandi Bentrim, now of Franklin Park, chose Pittsburgh over eastern PA.

It’s not easy to be the “Relocating Partner.” Brandi Bentrim spent years building a private practice working as a licensed social worker in eastern Pennyslvania. When her husband was offered a job with the Federal Home Loan Bank in Pittsburgh, Bentrim had to think long and hard about leaving her extended family and contacts behind.

A year later, the family has built a life they love, with kids in North Allegheny schools, a home in the family-friendly Franklin Park, and an abundance of cultural options all within an easy commute.

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Bill Flanagan

I’ve been following all the coverage about the opening of the new Bay Bridge connecting Oakland and San Francisco.  It reminded me that Pittsburgh-based American Bridge teamed up with Fluor in a joint venture to serve as general contractor.

Years ago I interviewed Bob Luffy, who was then the CEO of American Bridge. He told me that American Bridge didn’t go after the easy jobs; only the toughest engineering challenges in the world. You can check them out on the company’s website.

Name a famous bridge and there’s a fair chance that American Bridge touched it at some point in its history. In a tour of their offices, one of the engineers showed me a roll of aging blueprints he pulled out of a drawer.  The documents were the plans for the Chrysler Building in New York.  If you want even more of the history behind American Bridge, once a unit of U.S. Steel, and their roll in making America, check out episodes of “The Men Who Built America” at 

J.P. Morgan himself rolled up America’s bridge companies into U.S. Steel, the world’s first billion dollar corporation in terms of market cap, when Andrew Carnegie sold his interest in Carnegie Steel in 1901.  American Bridge spun out of U.S. Steel in the ’80s. The good part is, both companies still call Pittsburgh home, and American Bridge is still tackling the toughest engineering challenges in the world.

Meredith Fahey

As Neighbor and AlphaLab Director Jim Jen says, our region has a terrific entrepreneurial ecosystem. I’m looking forward to checking out some of it this Saturday at the Thrival festival. Part live-music festival, part innovation showcase, the event will bring together potential investors with companies from the Hustle Den, the East Liberty-based innovation incubator of the Thrill Mill.

The innovation showcase runs from noon to 2 p.m. at Google’s Pittsburgh office, followed by performances across the street at Bakery Square 2 by hip-hop pioneers De La Soul, Scottish indie rockers Frightened Rabbit and Pittsburgh-based hip-hop/rock group Formula 412. Speakers range from national heavy-hitters like the Tech Shop’s Jim Newton to our own Kate Stoltzfus. Sponsors include ImaginePittsburgh Featured Employers PNC Financial Services Group, Inc., Highmark, PJ Dick/Trumbull and Carnegie Mellon University.

 Read more about it at Pittsburgh City Paper or the Pittsburgh Business Times.


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Join the Pittsburgh Regional Alliance and to celebrate the Steelers and your Pittsburgh-area ties on Sunday, Sept. 29 from 5 -10 p.m. as Pittsburgh’s “Black and Gold” face the Minnesota Vikings for an NFL-sponsored game at London’s Wembley Stadium.

Watch the game with fellow alumni; win great prizes and enjoy good food and spirits at the Sportsbar & Grill, 19-25 Cowcross Street, Farringdon, London.

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What: Steelers vs. Vikings
When: Sept. 29, 5 – 10 pm
Where: Sportsbar & Grill, 19-25 Cowcross Street, Farringdon, London

Ben Kamber

The City of Play Best Games Festival returns to Pittsburgh on Saturday, Aug 31, featuring urban games that turn streets into a playground, fields and parks into game sites and transforms the idea of sports with original games that make Pittsburgh a more playful place.

This isn’t gaming, but analog, run-around-after-the-ball games; as one organizer puts it: “A lot of people play games when they’re younger, but then they get into video games… this is about playing and being playful in real life as an adult.” Says founder Adam Nelson: “All of the games do something to help people integrate with their urban environment, or have some kind of new interaction with other members of the city.”

Last year’s festival featured such new games as Beat the Dark, Super Secret Spies, Nashville and Love at First Site. The $25 ticket also includes an end-of-the-night party featuring new original games from some of the best designers in the world. Participants meet at the Arcade Comedy Theater at 811 Liberty Ave. downtown.

Check out this video from last year’s festival, and learn more at

The City of Play Festival: The Best New Games in the World from Sprout Fund on Vimeo.

Learn more at

Bonnie Pfister
Josh Stewart (right) with husband Chuck and son Thatcher at the 2013 Pittsburgh Pride festival.
Josh Stewart (right) with husband Chuck and son Thatcher at the 2013 Pittsburgh Pride festival.

Pittsburgh may not have as large or concentrated an LGBT community as some larger cities, but for Josh Stewart, that’s OK.

“ Pittsburgh is a welcoming city in general,” says Stewart, who lives in Baldwin with his husband, Charles, and son, Thatcher. They find the region to be friendly, with a strong sense of community. “Pittsburgh is great place to live and work for an LGBT family.”

Learn more about Stewart, one of the Neighbors at, a virtual concierge that highlights work, play and live options in the 10-county region. On the site you can look for a job among the nearly 30,000 gathered by our powerful job aggregator, sign up for updates about the region through our social media channels or RRS feeds and take the “Find Yourself in Pittsburgh!” quiz to be matched up with Neighbors who may share your interests and have tips on what’s fun and engaging to do in the region.