The September 2012 issue of Site Selection, the leading publication of the corporate real estate and industry, gives eight pages of ink to our region in a special investment profile, “Pittsburgh: The New Center of American Energy.”  The piece examines the greater region’s emergence “as a U.S. leader in technological innovation in a wide variety of energy sectors.”  More than 24 companies and organizations working in our rapidly growing energy sector and encompass natural resources, the supply chain for both traditional and renewable energy, and energy efficiency technology and innovation.

These organizations illustrate the impact that the public and private sectors, as well as our academic community in greater Pittsburgh, are having on the effort to advance America’s energy independence from Pittsburgh, the place where the energy industry had its birth with the drilling of the first natural gas and oil wells and the building of the first natural gas pipeline, If you don’t subscribe to Site Selection, no worries, You can read the article here, beginning on page 115.