When it comes to digital media and entertainment technology, can Pittsburgh compete with places like LA, San Francisco, Seattle and Montreal?

Schell Games designers at work / Photo copyright Schell Games

You bet, due in large part to Carnegie Mellon University and its one-of-a-kind Entertainment Technology Center (ETC).  At the ETC, founded by the late Randy Pausch (author of Last Lecture) and his colleague Don Marinelli, right and left brain thinking – the arts and technology, loosely speaking – are married.  The result is top-tier, hybrid talent that is intimate with nearly every aspect of video game development, virtual and augmented reality, themed and location-based entertainment and “edutainment.” That’s because of the ETC’s unique project-based approach to its master’s degree in entertainment technology.

Increasingly these talented graduates are finding the best place to turn their ideas into reality is Pittsburgh. Reversing early “brain drain” trends, many ETC alums have started spin-out companies that are not only successful, but are putting the region on the global radar as a hub for entertainment technology.  Among them are Electric Owl Studios, Etcetera Edutainment, Evil Genius Designs and Schell Games.  CMU’s ETC and these four spin-out companies are profiled in the article, “Game Changers,” in this January’s Site Selection, the magazine of corporate real estate and area economic development.  Read the complete story here.