As renewable energy industries such as solar and wind continue to grow nationally, it’s important to evaluate the already existing occupational and industrial infrastructure within the region to determine our true renewable energy potential. The Pittsburgh region is already poised to provide the equipment, technology and skills to be a supply chain leader, especially when compared to its benchmark communities and the nation as a whole.

Many of the industries along this supply chain – including metals, plating and electronics – are already established (and highly concentrated) in the region. While not all of these industries are necessarily involved in the wind energy market, there is great potential for many of our region’s companies to get involved and register real economic gains.

The Pittsburgh Regional Alliance conducted an analysis of the potential wind has for the region. You can read the full report here. The findings are based on a methodology developed by the U.S. Department of Energy-funded Renewable Energy Policy Project (REPP). The REPP process breaks down renewable energy industries into their individual supply chain industries and then tracks these industries based on employment numbers.

These findings speak to the potential wind supply chain. Pittsburgh already has more than 70 companies directly involved in the wind supply chain including ABB, Alstom Grid, Brad Foote Gear Works, Converteam (recently acquired by GE), Kennametal, PPG Industries, and many others. Wind firms such as Gamesa, GE Wind and Iberdrola are also located in Pennsylvania.

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